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Fashion Accessories
Rings Each Ring created by Robert Anthony  is a dedication to elegance in design that only a master metal sculptor can create.  Fine lines in design are carefully edge and surface finished to create works that are not only Jewelry but works of art as well. All rings by Robert Anthony are designed to be unisex so to be able to be worn by both men and women.  We feature rings that can be worn on one finger and rings that encompass two or more fingers. Most Rings are available in sizes 7 to 13.
Body Wear We offer intriguing designs in body wear for arms hands and necks plus a few Ultimate Statements in Fashion Design that are one of a kind for the Ultimate Fashion Statement.

Celebrity Events Just about all our products have been worn by stars for events of one type or another. But Some of our Items have gained special acclaim as worn by Celebrities that took it over the top in high profile events.



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